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Planet Vegan documentary official trailer launched

Five part Documentary on the rise of Veganism set for 5th October launch in Berlin

The official trailer for a new documentary series exploring the global growth of veganism has been uploaded onto Vimeo and now receiving unprecedented attention. The trailer video is shown below.

Planet Vegan is a five-part documentary which aims to set out compelling reasons for why people should adopt a plant-based diet. It is set to premiere this year in Berlin on 5th October.

James Hoot, the director, is taking a deep dive into this social phenomena and with his team has travelled to ten different countries. The documentary will aim to assist people to learn why so many millions are changing their dietary habits for the sake of their health, for the sake of animals, and importantly for the sake of planet itself. The documentary will not doubt enable “seasoned vegans” to learn more about this movement. 

Five episodes will dive into various different themes. 

(1) The first episode will explore the vegan marketplace and will look at the companies participating (such as Beyond Meat, Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain Vegans and a venture capital firm supporting vegan business Stray Dog Capital) and drills down into what it actually means to have a lifestyle with high animal product consumption.

(2) The second episode centres around health including an interview with a representative of the non-profit advocacy group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that advocates plant-based diets. Many other interviews that look at the benefits of a plant-based diet as well as looking at the current predominant model of health care. 

(3) Episode three focuses on global vegan events putting to bed the notion that vegans must by definition be a boring bunch of people. 

(4) Episode four will feature some well known vegans and influencers highlighting how they are affecting their local communities. 

(5) Finally, the last episode will narrate vegan activism and look at individuals and organisations that are fighting for the rights of animals including PETA, Earthling Ed and the Mercy for Animals group. 

The filmmakers are crowdsourcing for further funds. You may contribute here. Those contributing to the funds of the project will receive special tickets to the Berlin launch.

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