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ITV to screen ten-part Vegan Cookery show

BOSH duo to star in Living on the Veg in January 2020

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, otherwise famously known as BOSH, have been commissioned by ITV to star in a ten-part vegan cookery show starting in January. The duo made the announcement on their YouTube channel.

ITV is bringing vegan food into the mainstream at a perfect time when so many people are consciously cutting down on their meat intake.

Living On The Veg will run for 10 hour-long episodes at 9.30 am on Sunday mornings beginning in January. Henry and Ian will be joined by various guests and have promised to give us their tips and hacks on everything from curries and pies to pizzas and burgers. The food will cover all meal themes from breakfast to dessert including snacks.

The recipes will be stand-alone dishes together with ideas of how they can integrate into a vegan diet more generally.

Beyond excited to have a 10 part ITV cookery series

“We are beyond excited to be sharing even more vegan recipes with the world and show people just how easy and delicious plant-based cooking can be,” said Henry and Ian. “We’ll be sharing our top hacks and tips so that you can wow any dish. Whether you’re a fully-fledged vegan or just want to cut down on meat and dairy, this series will have something for everyone.”

The two friends who met at school in Sheffield have best-selling recipe books and published How To Live Vegan, a guide to surviving without animal products, earlier this year. Their next book, Healthy Vegan, is set for a December publication and is available for pre-order.

The friends have been vegan since 2015. The credit the documentary Cowspiracy made by Kip Andersen’s documentary as being their personal turning point. The documentary argues that “animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean ‘dead zones,’ and virtually every other environmental ill”.

The show will be produced by Rock Oyster Media.

Lara Akeju, commissioning editor for daytime entertainment at ITV, said: “With so many of us resolving to eat less meat, it’s the perfect time to bring Ian and Henry’s unique take on vegan food to our viewers.”

The BOSH YouTube channel has 113,000 subscribers and it packed full of vegan cookery videos.

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Jacobus Lavooij

Jacobus is an experienced editor and writer whose interest vegan issues began with understanding the environmental consequences of the food industry. He loves vegan food and is a passionate communicator of its benefits. He is a Dutch national and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact: jacobus@vegansbethechange.com
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