Who said Vegan Festivals are not a Thing?

UK’s biggest vegan festival set to happen in the Midlands for the 4th year running

The Vegan Camp-out festival is back this summer. Doors open at 2pm on Friday 30th August in Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire

With the festival scene in the UK reaching saturation point, the same cannot be said about vegan festivals. Doing your homework to find the right vegan festival is surely a thing of the past as Jordan Martin from Derby has yet again organized the vegan gathering he started in 2016. Three years later, and he will find himself hosting at least 7,000 people this year. Considering it started with only 400 vegan folks it is fair to say that as the market grows so does the vegan population. Plant-based folk looking to unwind for 3 days without a trace of worry about their food and drinks’ ingredients have surely made it. Vegan camp-out, the complete plant-based festival is set to become UK’s (or even world’s) biggest vegan festival – thanks to Millennials’ different approach to life.

Don’t worry about a thing

The organizer aims to build a guilt-free concept with talks and workshops with subjects such as how to recycle and treat waste will be ongoing with as close to zero-waste possible. Of course, it will also be flowing with music, yoga and fitness classes. Needless to say, entertainment will not be missing – and nor will outstanding vegan food. Like-minded people will not need to worry about the ingredients in the food and make sure it’s 100% vegan. You’ll be eating 100% eco-friendly, plant-based food. I’d say Heaven on Earth for those concerned about animals and environment.

Vegan Campout is ready to seduce the hungry with various types of food such as kebabs, pizza, Indian food, burgers and hotdogs leaving the delicate palate certainly satisfied. Moreover, party goers will be able to register to a car share scheme, set up as another way to reduce the carbon footprint while letting people meet each other before they even make it through the doors. Talk about variety – you’ll get to meet people from thirty different countries. Be ready to be part of the 5,000 that will likely attend.

You’ve probably shouting “VIVA LA VIDA” at the top of your lungs with £45 already in your pocket ready to buy the ticket. And it’s okay if you lose your voice, you don’t need to ask about the food. Just make sure you take memories away and leave only footprints. The planet will thank you later.

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Jacobus Lavooij

Jacobus is an experienced editor and writer whose interest vegan issues began with understanding the environmental consequences of the food industry. He loves vegan food and is a passionate communicator of its benefits. He is a Dutch national and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact:
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