VeganNation buys 15,000 Acres of Amazon Rainforest for Protection

10 year lease will ensure no exploitation of the land

VeganNation, the Israeli based decentralised blockchain company attempting to become a virtual vegan nation, has announced that it has secured a 10-year lease to preserve 15,000 acres of the Amazon rainforest as reported by Vegconomist.

VeganNation is now focusing on preserving the Amazon rainforest. Home to 2.5 million animal species, the Amazon rainforest has been burning with wildfires at an alarming rate. 

“The Amazon rainforest might be located in Brazil, but its destruction affects us all, as climate change is a direct result of human activity and it’s in our hands to fight it,” says Isaac Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of VeganNation. “VeganNation understands that promoting veganism is an important step towards fighting the global warming crisis and raising awareness through local environmental projects among the Brazilian community is key. Partnering with four Brazilian soccer teams further enables us toward our mission of working together to create a better world.”

The company is working with four football teams from cities strategically located at the entrance to the Amazon Rainforest –  Remo, Paysandu, National, and Iranduba.

Rainforest to be pledged to remain unexploited

VeganNation intends to open its land to preservation groups and activists, thereby ensuring that the land remains unexploited, not even by the Brazilian government.

Rainforest deforestation is mainly as a result of the need to raise and feed cattle for the meat industry. The lungs of the earth are being damaged in the name of our addiction to eating meat.

The blockchain pioneer which has recently completed a $10 million funding round, and has established a cryptocurrency, Vegan Coin. 

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