Vegan Menus at Weddings Predicted to be a Major 2020 Trend

Couples will want to ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for

A huge amount of preparation goes into planning a wedding, and they tend to reflect trends in society. So it is no surprise to hear that the founder of believes that vegan and free-from menus will grow, at the expense of the traditional fish or meat choices, as reported by Heart.

Hamish Shephard commented that “the rapid growth in vegetarian and veganism, especially in the millennial generation, has led to an increase in such foods being served at weddings.

Catering to guests’ dietary requirements

“Even couples who aren’t themselves vegans are more empathetic than ever before, and they are keen to cater to guests with all dietary requests.”

Since 2020 is a leap year, we may see a surge in the tradition of women proposing with lots of trending videos predicted for February 29th.

It seems that super extravagant proposals have been growing in popularity over the past few years and it is predicted that this will continue next year. 

Our wedding prediction is that luxury wedding locations will soon begin to offer vegan themes.

The UK’s first 100% vegan hotel, the Saorsa 1875, recently opened in Pitlochry in Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands. With a new trend such as this, the wedding industry is surely unlikely to be left behind for long.

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Jacobus Lavooij

Jacobus is an experienced editor and writer whose interest vegan issues began with understanding the environmental consequences of the food industry. He loves vegan food and is a passionate communicator of its benefits. He is a Dutch national and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact:
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