Sainsbury’s plans huge plant-based product roll out in January

Not to be outdone by Tesco’s

Sainsbury’s has announced the launch of its vegan Plant Pioneers range with effect from 1st January 2020. Plant Pioneers will have 31 products embracing fresh, frozen and canned food. The full range will augment some products which are already available: vegan steaks, smoky vacon rashers and vegan shroomballs. 

There are no prizes for guessing the origins of the new word “vacon”: a juxtaposition of “vegan” and “bacon”. It comprises wheat gluten, coconut milk and natural flavourings in a smoked paprika coating.

Sainsbury’s Future of Food Report has identified that a quarter of the UK’s population is likely to stop consuming meat by 2025, so it makes good business sense for it to align itself with the vegan trend.

Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers existing range

Sainsbury’s is expanding its vegan offerings to cement its position as a leading provider of plant-based foods. The UK supermarket chain was awarded Best Vegan Supermarket by Vegan Food UK in 2019 and its Plant Pioneers Choriszo’s Style Shroomdogs was declared the winner of PETA Best Vegan Sausage in its 2019 food awards.

Jackfruit a big winner

Jackfruit comprises a large part of the new product range. Sainsbury’s was the first to bring pulled jackfruit to UK supermarket shelves. Now you can enjoy Peking No Duck Jackfruit, Spicy No Lamb Shawarma Jackfruit and Mexican style jackfruit to eat with some tacos or fajitas.

Earlier in the autumn, it was Tesco’s turn to launch Wicked Kitchen, created by Derek Sarno with its simultaneous announcement of dedicated areas for plant-based food in its supermarket aisles. 

Sainsbury’s created what was promoted to be the world’s first meatless butcher in June as a three day pop-up during World Meat Free Week.

Truly, making quick and simple vegan food at home is getting easier and easier.


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Richard Williams

Richard Williams, a graduate of the University of Worcester in Entrepreneurship, has experience in promoting cruelty-free products recognised by PETA. He is creating Coworking Locations with vegan-friendly gourmet food in an area suited to yogis and collaborative vegan lifestyle brands. He is also working in the Vegan and Yoga Vacation sector. Contact:
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