History made with first-ever Plant-Based Meat in Smithfield Market

Meat supplier P.J. Martinelli partnered with British brand Moving Mountain to stock the largest meat market in the UK with its first plant-based meat ever

Guess what? The UK’s largest wholesale meat market, Smithfield Market in London, will for the first time in 800 years launch plant-based meat. Unlike what it’s famous for today, the market will allow customers to seize the opportunity and have vegan meat at their grasp. Not the easiest of guesses, was it?

P.J. Martinelli, the meat supplier for the market who has specialised in meat products for more than 30 years is stocking the plant-based patty called Moving Mountains’ ® for the very first time. The British brand will be the first-ever brand to make it to Smithfield Market with vegan meat.

The decision taken by the supplier was not taken nonchalantly as the growing demand for plant-based products increases as years roll by. With an 18g worth of protein, natural ingredients and the combination of science and technology – the burger will interest frequent shoppers and buyers – and in the best ‘bloody’ way. Oyster mushrooms, pea protein, oats and Vitamin B12 are some of the main components alongside other plant-based ingredients.

Paul Martinelli, Managing Director of P.J. Martinelli said in a statement: “We have trialled a wide range of plant-based products on the market and have no hesitation in recommending Moving Mountains® to our clients as the highest quality and best flavour in the marketplace. Our company always provides the widest choice and we see this as a natural addition to our product range.”

Animal Rebellion inadvertently foreshadowed the change

The landmark change arrives shortly after the animal rights organisation Animal Rebellion camped in the market overnight in a bid to protest against the meat industry’s fierce abuse of animals for food. Their concern for the impact that animal exploitation has on the environment and the urgency underpinning the need for change led to the protest – which not only blockaded the market but also led to the protesters filling the meat stalls with fruits and vegetables. The protests turned out to foreshadow this new move.

Smithfield Market opens at 2 am to cater to businesses and restaurants. Any buyer wishing to get wholesale meat needs to be at the market by 7 am. Now those wholesale buyers have a new category of plant-based product to choose from. The market is over 140 years old but has been on the site for nearly one thousand years. This change marks a pivotal moment in the market’s history.

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