Millennials are Raising a Generation of Vegan Kids

Raising vegan kids can be the answer to save the environment according to food company report

Impossible Foods has identified a new component of the vegan revolution: the plant-based innovator has issued a new detailed report to show that Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly bringing their kids up as vegans.

This appears to be confirmation that he vegan decade has truly started and that veganism has hit the jackpot – and it’s hot. Plant-based food has made it as the most popular trend in 2019 – and an exponential growth rate appears to be in process.

This revolution is being led by Millennials who are on the brink of becoming America’s largest generation, are certainly looking for greener pastures by eating healthier and sustainable food – and transforming their meaty habits by changing to a vegan lifestyle, and increasingly in raising their kids to be vegan.

Young Americans are more eager to eat meatless meat than their meat peers. This younger generation is embracing the vegan trend for the same three reasons: for the animals, their health and especially the environment. Millennials are more than ever educating their kids with the consequences for the human race of the environmental impact of the current status quo. The consciousness of these issues is far greater than it is with older generations. The result: an eco-friendly Gen Z.

Impossible Foods, a plant-based meat company is making its ethical way to our fridge. People do buy food based on taste – and by creating meatless meat that tastes the same as traditional meat, Impossible Foods is championing people’s concern for the environment. The company’s research shows that after savouring the Impossible Burger people not only like it and increasingly buy it, but that they are propelled to do so from environmental concerns. This is cited at third place in the Top Ten reasons behind buying the product. Not bad at all.

Leading the right way

The research shows that in the USA, only 20% of the Baby Boomer generation eat vegan food once a month. The youngest generation, Gen Z, by contrast, eat vegan by more than 30% more than the oldest generation. A total shift, towards more ethical eating, brings a change to the palate for more mindful eating and eventually develops into a lifestyle.

All in all the trend is heading towards a more vegan world. One in a dozen in the United Kingdom raises children as vegans. As the number of plant-based eaters increases, Millennials bridge the gap between the world and the food we eat. Teaching environmental sustainability to Gen Z provides more conscious everyday actions and less agricultural damage. “Where millennials lead, businesses and governments will follow” opines the Economist. So too will the environment.

The younger generation is passionate about both their planet and quality of life whilst also recognizing the devastating negative impact an impoverished earth could leave. Thus the younger generations are more apt to view climate change as an issue to be addressed. Collectively, the enlightened want to wake up the world – and it takes two to tango.

Change starts from within. It starts from our plate, as Gen Z knows only too well. Perhaps we should call them Gen V instead.

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Jill Harris

Jill is a writer, teacher, and passionate vegan. An eclectic author, she has published four non-fiction books and five novels. She began her vegan journey in 2015. She is a graduate and former lecturer at the Open University in psychology. Contact:
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