Manchester City FC goes Vegan

Club announces partnership with Nestlé Professional as "Coffee, Vegan & Vegetarian Partner"

Manchester City Football Club announced a partnership with Nestlé Professional on 24th October as the Club’s Official “Coffee, Vegan and Vegetarian Partner.” 

Yes, you read that correctly: a Premier League football club has a “Vegan Partner”. In short, Manchester City is embracing the vegan trend as both a marketing opportunity and to help promote a healthier lifestyle. 

So expect to find Nestlé’s new plant-based Garden Gourmet burger and YES! nut, fruit and vegetable bars to be on the menu on match days at the Etihad and Academy Stadiums.

The Club has been at the forefront of encouraging its players to eat in an optimum way. Pep Guardiola has insisted on this as part of his notorious attention to detail in preparing a top football side. Early on, he brought in a leading nutritionist, Silvia Tremoleda, to prepare the players’ food. 

Partnership to use Football and Food as a Tool for Social Change

It’s a genuine pleasure to see an athletic sports brand promoting healthier eating. It was always somewhat jarring to watch top Olympic athletes competing in the Olympic Games that were sponsored by alcohol and fast-food companies. There was a disconnect there. This type of outreach into the local community, however, stressing the importance of healthy eating marks a change in conventional sports sponsorship advertising.

The partnership will drill into the local community “using football and food service as tools for social change”.  

Nestlé will become involved in the Club’s charity, City in the Community, helping develop a programme to provide young people with “skills, qualifications and pathways into local employment opportunities”. 

Damian Willoughby, Senior Vice President of Partnership at City Football Group, said:

“By enhancing the vegan options throughout our stadiums, we are offering fans an even wider selection of high-quality food and beverage options.

“This relationship exemplifies the Club’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and throughout the partnership, we will be collaborating on several exciting initiatives that use football as a force for social good to empower better lives and help drive new opportunities”.

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Nicholas Orosz

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