Create and Break Your Munchies at Miley Cyrus’ New Vegan Restaurant

The first American Cannabis Café has opened its doors in Los Angeles for all the vegans out there

Salt and Pepper. Knife and fork. Food and weed. This heavenly match made it as America’s first cannabis café in West Hollywood, Los Angeles with weed sommeliers serving joints complemented with stoner-friendly dishes prepared by a Le Cordon Blue-trained chef according to the Daily Mail.

Founded by cannabis brand Lowell Herbs Co., the new establishment has received investment from several celebrities including Miley Cyrus – who is a vegan herself.

It offers customers meals like Seriously Better Than Vegan, Vegan Nachos, a Black Bean Burger and Bahn Mi to complement their pre-rolled joints, cannabis-infused edibles and vaporizer pens.

Sommelier style experience

Split into three areas: people have the option to smoke both inside and outside besides being offered a ‘Tableside Flower Service’, where ‘akin to a sommelier, a Flower Host will explain strains, flavours and effects all while rolling your smoke for you’.

“When a guest sits at a table, the budtender has a conversation with them, understands their experience with cannabis, and guides them to what they’re looking for.”

“You have the option of buying joints, rolling your own joints, and renting bongs or pipes, all the way up to dab rigs and vapes, all with the idea of education, with someone who can walk you through those experiences.” said the company’s operations director.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of Chef Andrea Drummer who trained at the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon-Bleu and has appeared in Netflix shows such as “Cooking on High” and “Chelsea Does”. She has also cooked meals for weed lovers such as Miguel and Wiz Khalifa.

Although the café cannot serve cannabis-infused food due to legal restrictions, Drummer still found her creative way to cook meals that complement the choice of cannabis ranging from Kushberry Cheesecake, Kosher Dog, XXX OG and Space Coyote Hash, Super Sour Diesel and Chiquita Banana.

With seating of 220 people and having their next 30 days fully booked, the restaurant doesn’t seem to be having a dull day any time soon. Fellow vegans and stoners are flocking to check this new dining experience out. It is certainly an original take on the vegan trend.

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