15-year-old from Hull is a Vegan Entrepreneur

School girl has passion for creating vegan recipes

Lucy Musgrave, who is still only 15 years old, has been profiled in the HullCCNews. She is a budding entrepreneur with a passion for creating delicious vegan food. She launched the Pure Delicious brand over a year ago and is selling her culinary delights to the vegan market.

Lucy began her business journey on Instagram (@puredelicious) before setting up her Pure Delicious website from which she is selling an e-book “Powered by Plants”.

“I got interested in cooking from the age of about 10 and even before that I was baking cakes and making other things because we’ve never really been into takeaways. Some of my friends were eating chicken and chips all the time but I wanted to do something different. I really enjoy good food” says the schoolgirl.

Lucy promotes vegan food – she transitioned to vegan in June 2018 having been swayed by the environmental arguments. Prior to that, she had been pescatarian and then vegetarian.

Business Qualification in Computerised Accounting before sitting her GCSEs

Lucy has not even sat her GCSEs yet. She will do that next summer at Kelvin Hall School in Hull before going onto her A levels. But she has already gained a qualification in computerised accounting for business awarded by the International Association of Bookkeepers through her association with Golding Computer Services.

Lucy has enlisted the help of the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank in Hull to her developing business skills.

“I didn’t really think about a business. I was just having fun cooking. My mum found out about the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank and they gave me a grant and introduced me to Goldings, where I’ve learned a lot about the financial side of things and got the qualification” said Lucy.

She’s managed to supply recipes and consulted with businesses around the UK as the vegan trend and demand grow. The British Quinoa Company is quoted promoting Lucy’s “wonderful mouth-watering recipe” for Thai patties with spicy peanut sauce.

“I’m trying to get the message across that most of the ingredients are average price and can be found in local markets and supermarkets,” said Lucy. “Next, I’m going to set up a monthly email subscription service for people to receive my recipes and I’m now doing market research for some baking mixtures which I’ve developed.”

Her e-book looks well-worth it, and she has many recipes up on her website where you can join her “in keeping our planet happy, as well as your tummy”. 

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