The Huffington Post Publishes the Latest in Vegan Humour

27 Funny Tweets Compiled

The Huffington Post has rounded up 27 funny tweets about living that vegan life.

As the article says vegans often get teased for being difficult in restaurant settings or having a “holier-than-thou” attitude.

The article acknowledges that abstaining from animal products can be a challenge and that there are many health and environmental benefits if you do.

My personal favourite of the twitter shared jokes runs as follows:

“People who think vegans only eat salad are the same people who think the only furniture you can have sex on is a bed.”

Another joke brings up quite a serious point. The is unlikely to be a single vegan who has not heard a similar comment. 

In reply to “I’ve never tried vegan food before” an exasperated vegan replies:

“First of all, you ever heard of an apple?”

To add some balance another joke that no doubt resonates with non-vegans is:

“I’m learning a little vegan cooking, and so far the most exhausting part is talking about it all the time.”

Another is:

“People who say ‘religion is the source of all conflict’ have clearly never seen a vegan and a ketogenic person throw down in a Whole Foods.”

In one Twitter post, a young boy is seen contorting his body in the style of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible trying to get around a highly complex alarm system guarding a valuable museum piece. 

His comment under the photograph shown above?

“Me trying to make sure my meal doesn’t include meat, dairy, or eggs without telling the waiter that I’m a vegan.”


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