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Vegan Filter for Chrome takes the Strain out of Vegan Online Shopping

Free browser launched in May sets filters to block non-vegan products

I have watched a strict vegan pulling her hair out whilst online shopping because she simply could not identify whether products were genuinely vegan or not. Well, that can be a thing of the past now, thanks to a Vegan Filter developed by a British technology startup, Xarista, established by Isabella Aberle. It can make going vegan even easier for you. 

The idea is simple. The filter is a Google Chrome extension that curates retail websites so as to only display truly vegan products. It is a simple and immensely valuable concept for both seasoned long term vegans and transitioning vegans. 

The internet browser extension is currently available for groceries, fashion and cosmetics and only covers a limited range of UK sites. The extension makes vegan shopping effortless with Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, M&S and Topshop. It will soon be linked into Ocado and Superdrug, and doubtless, other sites will follow in the future. 

The extension only requires three clicks to install and the vegan filters are automatically set for you.  

Hunting for Vegan Products Online Easier than Ever

As one user succinctly put it: “Hunting for vegan products online can make you feel like Indiana Jones. The Vegan Filter is the holy grail for that!”. 

The start-up has been officially supported by Animal Aid, the animal rights group, and the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary which cares for over a thousand animals at any one time. 

With more and more vegan products coming into the retail sector, Vegan shopping can now be your default setting. The extension is free and is available from Xarista. 

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Richard Williams

Richard Williams, a graduate of the University of Worcester in Entrepreneurship, has experience in promoting cruelty-free products recognised by PETA. He is creating Coworking Locations with vegan-friendly gourmet food in an area suited to yogis and collaborative vegan lifestyle brands. He is also working in the Vegan and Yoga Vacation sector. Contact:

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