Quorn builds Muscle twice as fast as Whey Protein claim Scientists

University of Exeter Study shows "Encouraging" Results for Fungi-Based Mycoprotein

Eating meat to build strong muscles is one of the strongest enduring myths of an old paradigm. With so many top athletes showing that you can be a top-performing sports star with a plant-based diet, it was only a matter of time before evidence began to emerge that plant-based food can be the most effective at building muscle. That is the conclusion of a study by a team from Exeter University which has shown that protein from Quorn is more effective at building muscle than more traditional protein sources.

 Most protein shakes aimed at the sports or weight loss market currently come from dairy sources such as whey and casein. 

The study sample was relatively small – a mere twenty healthy young men took part in the test. But the results were sufficient for Dr Benjamin Wall, a professor of nutritional physiology at the University of Exeter, to describe the findings as ‘encouraging’.

Fungi sourced mycoprotein builds muscle faster

‘Our data show that mycoprotein can stimulate muscles to grow faster in the hours following exercise compared with a milk protein,’ said Dr Wall.

Mycoprotein is the foundation of Quorn and is a type of fungi found in “fusarium venenatum” soil. It is recommended by the British Nutrition Foundation as a good source of dietary protein. 

In the study, the men did weightlifting exercises with their legs and following the exercise drank different protein shakes. Those drinking the mycoprotein supplement shake experienced muscle growth of more than 120 per cent higher than without any added protein. Those consuming the more traditional dairy-based shakes experienced a mere 60 per cent increase in muscle growth. That’s quite a difference by anybody’s standards. 

With so many looking for animal-free alternatives nowadays this can only be good news for vegans who want to bulk out. The news comes amidst growing interest in veganism in the sports field. The groundbreaking film Game Changers, co-produced by James Cameron, is set for release in September. When a Formula One world champion embraces a plant-based lifestyle it is clear that the way nutrition is viewed is undergoing a radical change. 

Dr Wall presented the findings at the European College of Sports Science Conference. He did emphasise that, of course, the findings do need to be tested on a larger group and for a longer period. 

Tim Finnigan, The chief scientific adviser for Quorn Foods, Tim Finnigan, said that the company is “happy to be able to offer an alternative protein that can provide exceptional nutrition and muscle growth, all while being meat-free”.

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