Are vegan men’s erections really better than those of meat-eaters?

Claim in Game Changers being widely discussed in the media

There is a section in the Game Changers documentary, which is currently available on Netflix, that is attracting a great deal of attention in the mainstream media right now. Whilst the effect of a vegan diet on men’s’ erections has already been widely discussed, it is now getting the attention of LadBible, the Daily Mail, the Sun and Good Morning Britain. 

The experiment that is getting all this attention was undertaken by Dr Aaron Spitz, author of The Penis Book, who experimented on three collegiate athletes – a basketball player, a baseball player and a hurdler.  

LAD Bible spoke to James Wilks the narrator of the documentary who anecdotally feels that his sexual performance has “improved”. 

“We know that meat has been implicated in not only causing erectile dysfunction, but also sperm quality, sperm mobility, energy and this type of thing. So we know in the long term [meat] could be having the opposite effect of what people actually think” said the Ultimate Fighter winner. 

The experiment involved putting monitoring ring devices on the athletes’ penises in order to measure the effect of the meals that they just had on their erections which naturally occur during sleep. The measurement was of their arousal during sleep and how long they spent in a state of excitement. It did not measure anything during sexual activity, only during sleep. 

The device generated information as to how long the erections lasted and how hard they were, measured by the circumference of the ring.

On the first night, the three young mean had a burrito with high-quality meat – beef, chicken, and pork. On the second night, they ate burritos which had plant-based produce. 

The results were clear in all three cases, the young athletes had a similar response: their erections were stronger on the second night after eating the plant-based meals. The athletes’ night-time sexual arousal was measured as lasting between 303% and 477% times longer. The hardness of the erections increased by significantly too, in one case by 13%. 

The documentary made it clear that these were not scientifically validated studies by any means. Nevertheless, according to Dr Spitz, the results should “wake us up”. He believes that cutting out meat is key when it comes to “strength, endurance, sexual prowess, and fertility”.

As this was not a proper scientific study no clinical lessons can be drawn. So it would be impossible to contend that men with erectile disruptions should give up meat but it does appear that medical advice does say that such men should look at their lifestyle as a whole including weight, smoking, exercise, illnesses and stress.

Increased blood flow and endothelial function

The documentary does contain the premise is that each meal we eat can affect the blood flow throughout the body. 

In another section, Dr Robert Vogel testing the blood of three Miami Dolphin NFL players and showed how different meals affected their blood. The blood was tested two hours after each meal, and presented in test tubes with the blood plasma on the top. The plasma in the blood after the plant-based meal was clear, whereas after the meat meal it was cloudy. The inference is that this is what is travelling in one’s bloodstream after a meal. The fat from the avocado meal did not have the same impact on the blood. Whereas the cloudy blood after the meat meal implies that the ability to perform at one’s best after eating meat regularly will be impaired. 

Dr Vogel stated that eating just one animal product meal can impair blood flow. According to him, just one hamburger can reduce endothelial function by 27% whereas eating plant-based food increases the endothelial function and therefore increased blood flow. 

The topic made it onto Good Morning Britain today with co-host Susanna Reid explaining the documentary’s findings. She then challenged Piers Morgan to “do a compare and contrast” and “go vegan for a little bit”. Piers Morgan is a gift to the vegan movement with his utter disdain for all things vegan providing wonderful publicity and PR. Naturally, he declined the invitation calling all of this “utter nonsense”.

Dr Spitz’s Penis Book is described as a doctor’s complete guide to the penis and includes a holistic five-step plan for optimum penis health including plant-based eating recommendations.

The Game Changers documentary continues to make quite a stir.

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