Going Vegan helped reverse Crohn’s Disease

Food hailed as Medicine by some Doctors

In a medical paper published on 20th June 2019 in the journal Nutrients, evidence has been produced to show that a Crohn’s disease patient has successfully reversed his condition by going onto a vegan diet. The case study report describes an unidentified young man suffering from abdominal pains who was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, having a remission after a year of making significant dietary adjustments.

The case study was published by medics at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Missouri. Dr Kelsea Sandefur, the author, revealed the details of the case which offers real hope to the sufferers of this acute condition, as reported in the Daily Mail.

In this reported case, cutting out animal products worked where drugs had failed. Some doctors are hailing the results as “food as medicine”. Others, however, are warning against reading too much into the case warning that a vegan diet might even exacerbate the illness in other patients. 

The patient was experiencing high levels of fatigue, bloating and abdominal pains after two years of treatment with the medication infliximab. At this point, the patient switched from a traditional American diet to one which removed all animal products and processed foods. He did so for 40 days for religious reasons. This turned out to be a major catalyst as he discovered that symptoms eased and would flare up again if he returned to his previous eating patterns. 

Eighteen months later the patient is off all medicine for the condition and tests have shown that the linings of his gut are healed. 

Case offers real hope

This case study “offers hope for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the painful symptoms associated with Crohn’s Disease” according to Dr Hana Kahleova, director of clinical research at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington. Normally only about 10 per cent of sufferers achieve long term remission through traditional treatment. 

Crohn’s Disease impacts many sufferers around the globe. Symptoms vary and appear irregularly. The most visible are fatigue, weight loss, pain, diarrhoea and even bleeding from the rectum.

Food consumed affects our whole body, however, it is the digestive system that first reacts, sometimes strongly, to what we eat. Diet strongly affects bacterial flora in the gut. Diets with a high content of saturated fats and sugars contribute to the growing epidemic of chronic diseases, including obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease. The cause of Crohn’s disease is still unknown, making it difficult to treat and there is no known cure.

Sound research indicates that vegan food has proved beneficial for the healthy functioning of the digestive system. A vegan diet can in some cases significantly reduce intestinal inflammation and help in the remission of symptoms. 

So if you have Chrone’s Disease or other digestive disorders you could do a lot worse than reach out more often for your vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains in a bid to staying healthy.

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