Cancer Research UK organising sponsored Go Veg for the month of November

Cancer research charity raising money from participants taking a 30 day vegan or vegetarian challenge

Can you go meat-free for 30 days? If so, then the British charity Cancer Research UK wants you to take on this challenge in November and raise money for its research. Not only will going vegetarian or vegan for one month to improve your health, but it will also reduce your chances of getting certain types of cancer – at least that is the charity’s claim. 

The charity’s mission is to help develop policy and provide funding for research into reducing the number of deaths from cancer.

Money raised from the“Take the Veg Pledge” in November will, of course, be used for cancer research.

The charity stresses that it could also benefit the health of participants. But will not happen automatically by just cutting out meat. You will naturally have to ensure that you have a balanced diet. The charity’s site suggests the standard advice of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and having some carbohydrates choosing wholegrain versions wherever possible. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and avoid too many foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

As a consequence of ditching the meat from your plates, there will be more room for high-fibre foods.  Eating more whole grains, and pulses like lentils and beans will thereby reduce the risk of cancer, according to the charity.

Wring red meat can increase your chances of getting bowel cancer

It has been shown that eating a lot of processed meat and red meat may increase the incidence of cancer. Indeed an Oxford University Study recently showed that eating red meat just once a day can increase the chances of getting bowel cancer by a fifth. The research covered half a million people. So much for the Government’s current recommended limit of 70g a day.

Here’s the bottom line from that study:
People who eat red and processed meat four or more times a week have a higher risk of developing bowel cancer than those who eat red and processed meat less than twice a week.

But farmers have “slammed” the Go Veg campaign.

So if anybody is looking for an excuse to try out a new eating regime, Cancer Research UK may just be giving you that opportunity now.

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