African Americans turning to Vegan Diet to fight Serious Health Issues

Powerful Testimonial from a Diabetes Sufferer is contributing to Change

Dietitians say is a small but growing number of African Americans are adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, according to the Chicago Sun Times

The article profiles Ron Reid who had diabetes, stopped eating meat and dairy with a view to getting off the five medications that he had been prescribed by his doctor. 

Within two months, Reid’s blood went from “horrible” to normal. His doctor ordered another round of tests “just to make sure”. The tests confirmed the results and Reid stopped taking all five of his prescribed medications.

The solution had been simple: no meat, no fish, no dairy, nothing that comes from an animal and consume less sugar. “My whole taste for feed has changed,” said the 59-year-old software developer and IT consultant. 

Ironically Ron Reid’s daughter had been either a vegetarian or vegan since the 8th grade and was surprised when her father changed his lifestyle. He had been in the habit of teasing her about her diet. “Now she gives me a hard time about being late to the party,” he said.

Reid now confesses to being bothered seeing his loved ones eating fried chicken and other traditional cuisines at family events.

“I’ve had so many friends and family members experience serious health challenges and even death from illnesses that are directly linked to poor diet and lack of physical activity that I’m deeply motivated to share such a simple solution … I have a fervour for this.”

The key is being intentional

Angela Odoms-Young, an associate professor of kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago spoke to the newspaper saying: 

“For some people, I think it’s a return to culture – being more plant-based. For some people, it’s religion. Some of it is a holistic life change, and for others, it may be a health change. 

“The key is being intentional about what you eat and what you don’t eat,” she said. “Do you have a healthy dietary pattern? Is it highly processed? Is it high in fruits and vegetables? … If you do follow a vegan diet, you have to be intentional. You have to do your research.”

This article confirms the growing trend seen in New Orleans and Dallas

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