Miyoko’s to help a Californian dairy farm transition to plant-based

The dairy industry is changing and farmers are voting with their feet

The vegan cheese giant, Myoko’s Creamery has announced a partnership with Farm Sanctuary to find and help a California dairy farm wishing to transition to a plant-based future. The company will begin to look for a suitable farm to collaborate with early next year. It believes this is a potential win/win for both sides. 

“Farmers are struggling, farms are closing, livelihoods are threatened, and we want to help the American farmer stay true to the land,” said Ms Schinner. 

Dairy farms in California are closing partly due to the diminished demand for dairy, as farmers look elsewhere for their livelihood. The oldest dairy farm in California recently announced that it was closing down to become an almond farm.

“We can’t truly move to a compassionate food supply without the support and participation of the farming community. They are integral to our ability to eliminate animal agriculture and lead us to a compassionate and sustainable food supply” said the entrepreneur. 

For Miyoko’s, the company requires more production facilities for its highly successful supply chain and land for research and development so it can begin to diversify away from cashews which are the primary ingredient in its vegan cheese range. It is interested in the potential of potatoes and legumes. 

Vision for a compassionate food system

Farm Sanctuary is to advise on the transition. Gene Bauer is the co-founder of the organisation that is committed to ending cruelty to farm animals. 

He commented that “we share Miyoko’s vision for a compassionate food system and are looking forward to working with them to help farmers become part of a cruelty-free, more sustainable, plant-based food future.”

Bauer is the author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, a vegan and animal-friendly lifestyle guide to “eating mindfully, living longer and feeling better every day”.

Miyoko Schinner is something of an iconic figure in the vegan entrepreneurial movement. Miyoko’s Kitchen was established off the back of her very successful vegan cheese cookbook, and the company is to vegan cheese what Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have become to non-meat meat. Her products are sold in more than 12,000 retail outlets in the USA and internationally. Her company’s mission is described as “phenomenally vegan”

A Forbes headline once called her the woman who is “taking on the $120 billion cheese industry”. She has certainly become something of a thorn in the side of the dairy industry. In Wisconsin, the heart of America’s Dairyland she came under fire of the dairy lobby who took strong objection to her using the word “butter” claiming that it was misleading.

Miyoko asserts that the economy is changing and will continue to do so. Some farmers are navigating the change on their own, but at least one farm will soon be able to rely on the financial resources of the giant vegan cheese company and the technical expertise of the Farm Sanctuary to navigate that change in a sustainable way. 

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