Just Eggs expanding into over 2,000 Kroger stores in the USA

Vegan Eggs are going Mainstream

Just Eggs, the popular liquid form of dairy-free eggs, is coming to 2,100 Kroger stores across the USA. Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Just, the maker of Just Egg described the partnership with Kroger as “a big deal.”

The popular Just Egg which is made with mung beans proves that the plant-based trend is more than just burgers. People care passionately about the cruelty inherent in the dairy industry. The Just Egg formula scrambles and tastes like eggs and is a hit with French toast as well as in fried rice. 

Just Egg uses proprietary technology to identify plant proteins. According to its Press Release, the company discovered that “protein from mung beans, little green legumes popular in Asian cuisine, could scramble as well as chicken eggs, allowing for fluffy and filling dishes but without any of the cholesterol and with a far smaller environmental impact”. 

The 12-ounce bottle of yellow liquid is free of cholesterol, saturated fat, artificial colours and GMO ingredients. It will be located in the egg aisles. 

Flexitarians embracing cruelty-free eggs

Research has shown that the so-called flexitarians, not just vegans, are buying products like Just Egg. Indeed a Just press release quoted research showing that 77 per cent of people eating their product are meat-eaters. 

Tetrick’s ambition is for consumers to view Just Egg as a healthy source of protein in its own right and not merely as a nice looking egg substitute. Hence the company is relaxed about the product looking nothing like an egg in the supermarket aisles.

Just also sells plant-based dressings, mayonnaise and cookie dough. It has future ambitions to expand into cultured meat.

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Jacobus Lavooij

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