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Animals don’t need to be hurt making Films, says The Lion King Director

John Favreau says “The Lion King” proves that Animals don’t have to be Used and Hurt

The Lion King remake earlier this year was a hit in cinemas the world over. Simba and his animal friends were re-introduced to a new generation of children. Set in Sub-Saharan Africa, no real animals were exploited during the making of the film. Instead, the true stars of the film were a team of graphic designers and computer animators. The realistic results are there for all to see, and not one single live animal was used. 

Jon Favreau, the director, recently told Vanity Fair that this was proof that animals do not need to be harmed during the production of a film. 

PETA acknowledgement and sponsorship of Louie

PETA has long maintained that the film industry has caused great harm to animals and that it is unnecessary. Indeed it claims that the US federal Animal Welfare Act is frequently violated in the process. The charity has praised Favreau for his revolutionary use of technology. 

Indeed the charity went so far as to honour Favreau by sponsoring a rescued lion called Louie, who is now living out his days at the Lions Tiger & Bears animal sanctuary in Alpine, California. Louie was formerly forced to perform for entertainment. 

Favreau and Disney have previously collaborated with technology. Their 2016 adaptation of Jungle Book did bring Baloo the bear to life with technological effects rather than using live animals. 

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