Veganuary aiming to run TV ads to promote veganism

Crowd Funding campaign to raise £40,000

It’s nearly January, so in the vegan world, that means only one thing: Veganuary. 

This coming Veganuary the non-profit organisation is looking to get a “slick, multi-language advert that will engage the English, German and Spanish speakers across the world” and get the TV version of it in front of an audience of over a million people.

But to do that Veganuary needs money, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the Big Give seeking to raise £40,000. The terms of Big Give are that each pound raised will be matched. In other words, a donation of £10 will mean that £20 is raised towards the advertising campaign. All of the funding will be spent on TV slots and social media ads.

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary comments that “to us every single animal’s life matters and we know that you feel the same. We also believe in people and the power to change, and to create change.” That is why they are seeking to raise the money to “get the message out to the masses”. 

Ambitious target

The Veganuary 31-day challenge has become part of the vegan lexicon, and now the team is are looking to make 2020 their most successful campaign yet. They are looking to get 350,000 people to sign up. 

The actual ad concept is being kept secret for the time being, but it is promised to be an “exciting thought-provoking ad concept that will help people align their actions with their values, something that will make them realise deep down what they’ve known all along.”

The advertisement will be “fun, funny and non-judgmental, yet is guaranteed to make people question how comfortable they truly are with their food choices.”

The campaign is being made in collaboration with the Kolle Rebbe ad agency and vegan film producer Fabian Weigt who are giving their time and skills for free. 

To “change hearts and minds” Veganuary wants to get the advertisement out there on television, laptops, on social media feeds and just about everywhere else. 

TV advertising has a unique way to capture people’s attention. The first pro-vegan television advertisement will be a milestone for the vegan movement. 

Subject to funding, the 30-second ad will run on TV channels in the UK, Germany and the US between Christmas and New Year in time to collect pledges to try the 31-day challenge. The organisation naturally will be offering support for those who wish to continue with their new diet beyond 31st January.

The crowdfunding campaign runs until 10th December. If you wish to donate you can do so here.

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