National Food Truck Day is Taking Fresh Vegan Food on the Road

Mobile “Vegan Food Trucks” are Changing Street Food Culture

National Food Truck Day took place this year on Friday, 28 June 2019. Hardworking entrepreneurs across the USA delightedly took part in this event. The event is designed to foster future growth, as well as help develop the economy. Studies contained in the US Chamber of Commerce showed cities who are open to the idea of Food Trucks have directly assisted upcoming entrepreneurs.

Many of these food trucks were exclusively serving delicious, healthy “on-the-go” vegan foods. This reflects the increased popularity in veganism in recent years as increasing numbers of people adapt to this healthy lifestyle. It is, therefore, no surprise that this year’s National Food Truck Day reflected this social change with numerous vegan food trucks appearing across the country. It’s a new mobile form of vegan activism. 

Veganism as a healthy option is actively being promoted by celebrities such as Beyoncé and JayZ, so-called ambassadors of a wealthy and healthy lifestyle. Many credit this as one of the reasons that street food culture has welcomed the proliferation of vegan food trucks.

Some of the more popular vegan offerings on National Food Truck day included avocado tacos, flurry churros, various jackfruit offerings and, of course, pizzas.

The winner for the Vegan Vegetarian Food Trucker of the Year 2019 as awarded by was Herbivores Butcher, set up by a sister and brother duo Aubry and Kale Walch. Based in Minneapolis, Aubry once came out with the idea of opening a vegan butcher shop. According to their website, everyone laughed until they realized what a great idea it was. Since then they have been on a mission to deliver delicious tasting fresh vegan meals for “a happier, healthier world”.

The runners up awards were given to Bartleby’s Seitan Stand, The Nosh Pit, Plum Bistro Truck and The Cinnamon Snail.

Street Food Culture is getting more Vegan Food

National Food Truck in 2019 saw a distinct increase in the number of plant-based foods choices when compared to earlier years. This demonstrates a greater acceptance of the Vegan culture. Street culture brings people together and the National Food Truck day event showcased the Vegan concept to a new audience. People sharing a love for food, culture and adventure was enjoyable as well as having a positive economic impact for small entrepreneurs. As the organisers make clear: “food tastes better shared”.

Whilst the costs are still significant in launching a mobile food business they are nothing compared to establishing a brick and mortar business. A food truck can take fresh food into neighbourhoods that are not otherwise well served for diverse food options.

The event was an example of how an open mindset and a desire to share experiences with one another, can bring the Vegan lifestyle greater acceptance in different neighbourhoods and cultures.

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