President Trump urged to “Make America Healthy Again”

$1m donation to American Vets if Trump personally accepts the challenge

A group of American doctors are asking the United States President to go vegan in January. The campaign is being promoted by the non-profit campaigning group, Million Dollar Vegan. They are urging him to take political leadership and to “Make America Healthy Again”.

Million Dollar Vegan is offering to pay $1 million to US veterans if only the President would take up the challenge of going vegan in January. The money is sitting in escrow, according to yesterday’s Press Release. The money is ready for transfer within the hour. All the President has to do is signal his agreement on Twitter.

The campaign is being fronted by 9-year-old VeganEvan from Florida. Yesterday a media blitz began with advertisements appearing on US television, print media and on billboards.

A full-page advertisement published in The New York Times, Evan’s letter to the President states: “Cardiovascular disease and stroke already create more than $329 billion in healthcare costs and lost productivity, while the American Diabetes Association has estimated the total cost to the economy of diagnosed diabetes exceeded $327 billion in 2017 alone. No wonder so many top healthcare professionals support our campaign!”

This is why the group of Animal Hero Kids including VeganEvan are telling the world why being vegan is the “kindest, coolest, healthiest way to live” and encouraging the President to try a vegan diet in January. 

The organisation is promoting a switch to a healthier lifestyle, pointing out that across the nation “people are transforming their lives with a plant-based diet. They are beating heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer”.

Standard American Diet (SAD) causing a crisis

The doctors behind the campaign point out that the Standard American Diet is “typically heavy in meat, eggs and dairy, and is low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains” as well as containing refined oils and added sugars. Consequently, there is a “growing crisis of chronic disease, including some of the world’s biggest killers”.

The organisation’s website has a page devoted to doctors’ testimonials on the subject. They claim that changes in lifestyle can prevent 80% of illness. With lifespan is dropping, they pose the question: why not create a health legacy?

Dr John McDougall provocatively asked what is the leaders of India, China, Russia and the USA stood up and all said:  “Ladies and gentleman we could save this planet overnight if you would all just change to a starch-based diet”. 

What if those leaders did something radical overnight, like making killing cows illegal? Dr McDougall observed that it is making us ill “because you are killing people by killing cows. It may be indirect but it’s certainly as dead as you’d be from a gunshot wound” he said. 

Dr Joel Kahn stressed that this is an opportunity for the health of America to take a turn with proper leadership. It is time to confront the “wicked food lobbies and subsidies that make food that causes disease so much less expensive than food that promotes health”. The system needs to be turned on its head from the top.

“Make a salad $1 and a burger $12. It’s got to come from the very top” he said.

Dr Michael Greger, best selling author of How Not To Die stressed that the US health system is going bankrupt as people argue over who will pay for “expensive pills and procedures”. It is time to make people healthier he said. 

One doctor suggested that if a President could go plant-based for a month and “feel a new version of health” that he had never felt before within his own body then perhaps he could find the motivation to make real changes. 

After analysing the President’s own medical records which have been made public, the doctor said that Trump “needs this too”.  President Trump is well-known for his love of fast-food burger.

Million Dollar Vegan earlier this year attempted to persuade Pope Francis to go vegan for Lent.

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