Gruesome “Die-In” at Well Known Butcher in Toronto 

Blog Highlighting the Myth of "Humane Slaughter” goes Viral

There is something particularly impactful about this vegan activist event in Toronto. Their demonstration in a well known butcher’s shop has been dramatically publicised by BlogTo, a well known Toronto city guide blog. The article has gone viral partly due to the power of the photographic images. Demonstrators wore red paint symbolising blood around their throats, bore giant barcode stickers, and were also flecked with fake blood.

The photogenic “die-in” undertaken by some 20 protesters associated with GRASS Toronto was designed to educate passersby about veganism and slam the concept of “humane slaughter.”

Humane Butcher?

The butcher’s shop, Cumbrae’s on Queen calls itself “humane”. It stresses that it works with family run farms rather than huge factory farms. They pride themselves that the meat they serve comes from animals that are “born and bred with the closest care and attention”. Their website states that “we raise them right, feed them well, and butcher them expertly.”

The results, according to Cumbrae’s, “reflect this.”

But to the vegan activists this is an oxymoron at very best, and downright nonsense at worst. 

Animals as Commodities

GRASS Toronto’s response the the butchers claims was unapologetic and direct:

“Humane and ethical butchers …. are big lies hidden in pretty ‘progressive’ packages…. True progress isn’t ‘ethical’ killing, it’s not killing at all….. Animals aren’t commodities.”

The group once again held up signs and spoke about specieism and what they call the “humane myth.”

The demonstration was applauded by many vegans. One supportive comment read:

“Warriors for the Animals! Heartfelt Gratitude to you.”

But in store, the inconvenienced shoppers were less impressed. One customer was reported to have screamed “don’t you dare tell me what to do!”

Gruesome Toronto Die-In Protests Photos: GRASS Toronto
Gruesome Toronto Die-In Protests Photos: GRASS Toronto
Gruesome Toronto Die-In Protests Photos: GRASS Toronto
Gruesome Toronto Die-In Protests Photos: GRASS Toronto
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