A Chennai PETA Billboard Promotes a Vegan India to Compensate for Water Supply Shortages

Does India Need More Vegans?

A non-profit organization in favour of ethical treatment of animals hacked their way through the minds of city dwellers in Chennai, India after the country suffered a shocking shortage of water supply. The organisation put up a prominent billboard visible to rush-hour commuters with the following message: “Raising Animals for Meat, Eggs, and Milk Uses Up 1/3 of the World’s Fresh Water. Go Vegan.”

The statement was based on a paper published by the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

PETA’s vegan activism is intended to wake people up by encouraging them to go full-time to a plant-based diet.

But what exactly is that going to change?

Switching to this lifestyle not only means protecting one-third of the world’s croplands whilst feeding the hungry but also means more water supply around the world. An increase in the world’s water supply would benefit the world in unimaginable ways. It is hard to consider these unmistakeable numbers and let them sink in without imagining the possibility of a world that took heed of the consequences and risks of not taking action.

Numbers don’t lie especially when it comes to food

Think of that breakfast cereal before work every morning. That 200ml of milk poured into the Coco Pops bowl amounts to more than half a kilo of these lovely vegetables. As for those non-cereal types who prefer their scrambled eggs with a pinch of pepper, the statistics have them covered too. Those three eggs on the frying pan equal 1.5kg of greens.

But here’s the big one. Eating that 200g of beef on a hot summer barbeque night transforms to 3,083 litres of water, which amounts to nothing less than 9kg of vegetables. That is 40 times the size of that piece of steak. Staggering, I know. A change to a plant-based lifestyle, if embraced by every caring human being, could change the lives of the hungry and poor and maintain sustainable water supply around the world.

At the end of the day, what is necessary for the survival of every human being? You guessed that right, water. And that includes me and whoever is still reading this (I know you are).

Don’t go with the flow but direct the flow

Farmed animals are the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions and have outperformed the global shipping sector in this regard. The huge methane producers need to be fed water; their food requires water to grow and the grime that slaughterhouses and farms leave only need more and more of it. To sum up, more water is wasted to later exploit and put these innocent creatures on a plate in a fancy restaurant.

“As our diets become more meat- and dairy-rich, so the hidden climate cost of our food tends to mount up,” said Professor Dave Reay from the University of Edinburgh.

A simple yet effective way to end this tragedy is to go vegan and enjoy a plant-based cruelty-free lifestyle. In a nutshell, this means a much bigger water supply, more food, less greenhouse gas emissions, fewer diseases and guilt-free life. This is the simple message that PETA India wants to convey to a country with such a strong vegetarian tradition and which elevates cows that of sacred animals. So put your barbeques away and enjoy those evenly spread mashed avocado toasties.

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