Vegan Activist Spanish Rabbit Rescue goes Wrong

Mythical Mia ends up Covered in Blood and is Accused of Causing Unnecessary Rabbit Deaths

A British vegan activist in Spain boldly staged a ‘rescue mission’ at a rabbit farm in Osona on 1st September. But the vegan influencer has got into hot water as the protest did not go according to plan. It has been claimed that her actions led to the deaths of nearly 100 bunnies. 

‘Mythical Mia’ who has a large social media following, was left covered in blood. She claims that angry farmers shot at her through a car window as she made her escape.

The activist proudly claimed to have saved 16 rabbits from the farm but Spanish reports claim that several of the ‘rescued’ animals had just given birth and that consequently dozens of bunnies were stranded without a mother. According to La Vanguardia, some 90 helpless bunnies subsequently had to be put down.

Additionally, it is claimed that five pregnant rabbits died during the raid and that some rabbits had their spines broken.

She told her Instagram followers that she had left the site ‘peacefully’ she and her companions had been chased down the motorway by farmers. 

She insisted that the police refused to escort them home and 10 minutes later one of the farmer’s cars pulled up alongside her and opened fire.

“The window exploded in my face and there was a lot of blood from all the glass. Despite everything, I am just happy that those 16 lives are free from harm. They make everything worth it”.

Mia denied causing the death of any rabbits at the farm. She called this ‘false information’.

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