Activist still trying to be a good parent to Jixy Pixy

Pig rescuer challenging the RSPCA

There was a young vegan called Day

Who regretted giving her piglet away

When she asked if she could pet it

She was told: Just forget it

By the mean old RSPCA.

Limerick by Alicia Day

Alicia Day does not give up easily. The surreal adventure of Jixy Pixy continues.

The vegan activist recently rescued a pig from slaughter and named him Jixy Pixy. She took him home to live in her home in London where he became a local celebrity. The two were regularly seen going for walks around town before her landlord kicked her out of her home and she was forced to give the pig up to the RSPCA. She expressed no regrets for her actions. “Even if people eat one less meal with meat then it will make a difference,” she said.

She was widely condemned for showing “a shocking lack of judgement”.

According to the Daily Mail, the RSPCA has now banned Alicia from seeing her beloved Jixy Pixie again. It was, they say, part of the agreement that all contact would cease when they took care of the pig. The organisation has told her that the pig has been ‘moved to a farm far away’.

In an email, the RSPCA wrote: ‘Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the piglet which you transferred ownership of.

‘Unfortunately, we are unable to allow you to visit the piglet as he has been moved to a farm far away, and once you have transferred ownership of an animal, we make all the arrangements to find a new home for them.

‘However, I know this will be disappointing to hear as you clearly miss him. So I have asked the farm to provide me with some pictures of him.’

‘Here are the pictures that were taken on Monday of him having a lovely time in his new home.’

But Alicia is having none of it.

“I was hoping this story would lead to finding out where he is but it’s just a story….I’m worried because the pictures weren’t current and he wasn’t supposed to be on a farm. At this point, I feel hopeless and worry he is dead because many readers pointed out a farm far away is a euphemism for dead” she posted on Facebook.

Ms Day has said she is going to hire a private detective to carry out a nationwide search to find where the Jixy Pixy has been moved to. She is appealing to her followers on Facebook and Instagram for help. She is trying to retract the sign over terms and claims that the pig should have put on more weight. 

Suitable accommodation being sought for Jixy Pixy

The RSPCA says that Jixy Pixy will not be slaughtered but Ms Day does not believe them. It stated that ‘we are still in the process of finding him a suitable place at an RSPCA rehoming facility with appropriate pig accommodation, as this does take time.

‘Once the pig has been fully assessed he will be featured on the RSPCA’s Find a Pet rehoming site.’

Alicia is, however, still trying to be Jixy Pixy’s mum.

“Your help needed” she said to her Facebook fans. “I know this is strange but I’m desperate. Under media scrutiny, the RSPCA has agreed to place my pig on the find a pet system. I am searching for a sanctuary that would be willing to take him in before he goes live on the system (I hope they will truly do this). I have reached out to multiple but there is no space. Even if you know someone who lives in the country and has enough land for a pig this would buy my pig time. I will pay for the living costs of the pigs’ 20-year life as well as any expenses incurred. If you know a sanctuary or a person please have them reach out to me. As a mother, I just want to be in his life and see him grow into a young man.”

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