Vegan Activist Appointed to Advise the Israeli PM on Animal Rights

Benjamin Netanyahu Says the Subject has Become Closer to His Heart

The founder of the Israeli Animal Liberation Front, Tal Gilboa, has been brought into the centre of policymaking. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement

“I asked Tal Gilboa to advise me on animal-rights issues, a subject that has gradually become closer to my heart.” 

Gilboa hailed the appointment as “a historic day for animals”. The founder of the campaigning organisation now known as Total Liberation Israel and Glass Walls is perhaps best known in Israel as the winner of Season 6 of the Israeli version of the iconic reality TV show Big Brother. 

The veteran campaigner wants to use her new position to raise the awareness of animal suffering. 

Israel: a strong vegan tradition

Israel is often cited as the country with a greater proportion of vegans than any other country, with over 5% of the population claiming to be vegan. There are so many traditional Israeli dishes which do not contain animal products meaning that many meat-eaters do eat good quality vegan food regularly. 

Gilboa did say that it was important to take jurisdiction of issues concerning animal cruelty away from the Ministry of Agriculture. She described it as an “absurdity” that the Ministry that works with dairy and poultry farmers should be the supervisory body on animal cruelty. 

The blockchain-based company Vegan Nation behind the crypto-currency VeganCoin is an Israeli company. VeganNation is building what it describes as a “fully functioning ecosystem” to enabling the exchange of products and services that are “100 per cent cruelty-free.” 

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