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Central European cities among the 10 best for Vegans in Europe

Prague, Warsaw and Budapest feature strongly in survey compiled from Holy Cow data

The Central European blog Kafkadesk has reported that Prague, Warsaw and Budapest have come in the top ten best cities for vegans in Europe. The capital cities of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary came in at numbers four, five and eight respectively. Perhaps unsurprisingly the top three spots were taken by the much bigger cities of London, Berlin and Paris. So take note for more variety for vegan travel.

This recent survey compiled by Alternative Travellers is based on the number of vegan restaurants listed on the Happy Cow website, described as being “like a vegan Yelp”. This is hardly a perfect methodology but it is surely good enough to act as a barometer for vegan friendliness. 

Some may be unaware of how vegan friendly Central Europe has become, particularly since its traditional cuisine is so strongly meat centric with so many stewed meats forming the basis of so many traditional dishes. 


Prague is often listed in similar lists. It came in at number three in another similar survey. 

Vegan restaurants have been springing up to cater for the demands of the younger western European travellers who have been descending on the Czech capital in recent years. This has combined with a greater awareness by native Czechs of the health benefits of plant based foods. With fifty vegan restaurants, Prague is a delight for travelling vegans


According to the Happy Cow, Warsaw currently has some 47 vegan restaurants within a 5-mile radius. So the Polish city clearly caters for a huge variety of plant based eating. 


The romantic Hungarian capital sitting on the Danube has become a very popular vegan friendly city with 29 specifically vegan restaurants listed. I have noticed this development over the past several years as it is a city that I visit regularly. The number of vegan restaurants has been steadily increasing.  

Napfenyes Restaurant is probably the best known vegan restaurant in the heart of Budapest just near Vaci Utca. It specialises in  serving up veganised Hungarian food. Considering the traditions of Hungarian cuisine – goulash et al – this will come as a pleasant surprise. 

Long gone are the days when these cities were dreary former Communist cities with little sophistication. Vegans can now travel to Central Europe safe in the knowledge that eating out will be a real pleasure.

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