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Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney come together to launch a vegan fashion brand

Collaboration for a vegan and sustainable fashion brand linked to Swift’s album ‘Lover’

Birds of a feather flock together – and in big ways. Both Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney have come together to produce an eco-aware fashion brand that marks the debut of Taylor’s new album called ‘Lover’.

Vogue Magazine stated that both the singer and the designer have met in London for one of Swift’s concerts. While Swift “played her the album” Stella felt honoured to be “name-checked” in one of her songs and accepted Swift’s idea of joining forces to create a sustainable and vegan fashion line. It was only a matter of time until they decided to do something together as Swift clearly confirms their connection.

“When I started spending more time in London, Stella and I would go on walks, have cocktails, and talk about life.” said Swift.

With music being the backbone of Swift’s idea, it only further inspired McCartney to pursue the collaboration. She couldn’t mindlessly reject Swift’s idea about creating the line together and launch it to the public on Thursday, 22 August.

“I couldn’t believe that my name is in a Taylor Swift song (what?!?) and after Taylor played me the entire album it gave me such incredible inspiration for the collaboration and it really revolved around the music. When Taylor asked me, or even thought to come and do this with me, what I love is how we really complement each other in what we generate creatively together,” said McCartney.

McCartney’s vision: Sustainability meets Design

McCartney has always sought to be in the forefront of new ideas, new technology and creating recycled or sustainable fabrics to complement her creative designs. In fact, jackets, tops and bags in Swift Style will be created to McCartney’s standard. What does that mean? No fur. No leather. No animal products.

The pro-vegan designer partnered with Adidas in 2008 – the same company that produces seventy per cent of its materials from recycled items. Not to mention she had already owned her eco-friendly ready-to-wear collection by 2001.

What does the future for fashion hold?

With many motivated designers who abhor animal cruelty there are many creative opportunities to contribute to the world we live in. Some may follow their lead, others may not. But this is an unstoppable trend as many become increasingly aware of the issues facing our planet.

“We are always looking at sustainability and not killing animals, it means we have such a serious undertone in the everyday runnings morally of how we conduct ourselves as a brand.” said a serious Stella.

All we can do is acknowledge their vision – a great example to all fashion-minded people looking to give a little bit of their heart to the planet.

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