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Vegan tartan kilt being launched in Glasgow

Tartan fans can now embrace a vegan version of the traditional kilt

A Glasgow based company has recently announced  that it is to launch what is believed to be the world’s very first Vegan Tartan and Kilt clothing this August, according to the Scotsman. Scots who are real Tartan fans and who live a vegan lifestyle can now enjoy this traditional clothing in an animal-free version without any compromise to their principles.

Slanj a store located in Glasgow and Edinburgh which sells kilts and trews, has officially registered this new product anticipating its launch this coming August. The vegan kilt will be priced between £40 per square metre to £200 for 6 yards with the traditional 8-yard version at £350.

An increased demand for traditional Kilt ware that is animal-friendly led to the development of the Vegan Tartan and Kilt clothing. Brian Halley, the co-founder of Slanj, emphasised that with this initiative, he is creating awareness of the positive effects that a Vegan lifestyle has on the environment.

Following the success of the “Pride of LGBT Tartan” during the Scottish 2019 celebrations, Slanj has decided to design a Tartan to encompass Scottish traditions with the freshness of Vegan living.

Veganism in Scotland

Research by the Worldwide Statistics regarding veganism shows that in 2016, Europe was the largest market for meat substitutes, accounting for 39% of global sales. Furthermore, 19 per cent of adults have cut down on buying meat regularly and on cosmetics implicated with animal testing and a further 13 per cent actively choose meat-free or dairy-free meals when eating out.

Scotland has certainly embraced the Vegan lifestyle. With numerous restaurants thriving on being plant based, there now is a 100 percent vegan hotel which opened in Pitlochry in June. Sandra and Jack McLaren-Stewart – the co-founders of the Saorsa 1875 hotel – have shown that there is an ongoing positive ethic in being Vegan.

With the technological innovations rapidly emerging in fashion Slanj is excited to be part of this worldwide growing social movement that is taking firm root in Scotland. Vegan fashion has arrived in Scotland in a most traditional form.

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