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Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown takes to Vegan Converse like Jessie to Free Willy

Some Partnerships are Made in Heaven

Millie Brown, 15 year old star of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”, has introduced a new vegan-friendly shoe line with Converse.

The sneaker line is was created due to Millie’s passion towards the ocean. This shoe depicts her love for oceanic wales and is now available in remade styles of Ox and Hi – with three prints: waves, large orca and small orca. When looking closely at the design, one can see the whale swimming freely in its environment in contrast to captivity within the U.S Marine Park.

Now customers have the option of choosing their styles, laces and prints in Brown’s new collection, known as “Millie By You.” The possibilities for customization and personalization are endless and it is exactly what fanatics of Converse sneakers have been looking for.

In an interview with Teen Vogue earlier this month, Brown explained how she was involved in the whole process with Converse. Her involvement was with “everything, down to the little whale symbol on the shoe, which was really fun. I feel really passionate about whales. Whales, they symbolize who I am as a person: They’re loud, they’re the queen of the sea. I love the ocean. I was born in Spain [on the coast], so I’ve incorporated whales through some of the things that I’ve done that’s coming out in the future“.

Freshness in a vegan initiative

Converse explains that Millie being a teen amplifies the brand as being fresh. The colour palette inspired by the Ocean is a great complement to that. Millie equally shares her excitement in being part of the design and loves the fact that she is doing something with and for her fans. This shoe is personal to her- it is a special Vegan initiative that she wants fans to be part of.

It is quite evident that Converse has had its shares of ups and downs from its inception in 1908. Like any successful brand, it has reinvented itself. It has now shaped itself around its clients with the help of Nike. This brand is now synonymous with Street style across the world and a pair sits in Michael Jordan’s shoe collection. It was actually sold for $190,373 in 2018.

This is why Millie Bobby Brown endorses the brand that is ever growing in popularity and seeking increasingly to establish iteself firmly as a vegan fashion brand.

Converse Vegan Sneakers designed by Millie Bobby Brown
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