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Nike launching Vegan Air Max 90 Sneakers in collaboration with Maharishi

Trainers are sustainable comprising sawdust and recycled rubber

Demand for vegan shoes is increasing exponentially as consumers turn their back on leather and demand more ethical vegan clothing. Nike is playing its part this week as it launches the vegan Air Max 90 which is made from sustainable materials such as upcycled sawdust, recycled rubber and foam as well as organic cotton.

The shoe is launched in partnership with Maharishi, who is opening a store in New York City’s fashionable Tribeca neighbourhood. 

The shoe is otherwise known as the Maharishi x Nike Air Max 90 and features Maharishi’s signature maha olive colour dyed naturally with pomegranate and turmeric. 

Nike’s checkmark logo features sawdust made from grinding down shipping palettes for a woodgrain effect. 

A Nike Grind outsole increases the recycling and sustainability factor. The laces are a naturally dyed olive. 

Maharishi is a clothing brand committed to making “environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing.” It was founded by Hardy Blechman in 1994. 

Nike’s rival Adidas has just launched its second trainer made collaboratively with Parley for Oceans which utilises recycled ocean plastic. 

Maharishi is not permitting customers initially to purchase more than one pair. 

Maharishi also has a store in Soho in London. 

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