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Call It Spring goes fully vegan

Global Footwear and Accessories company’s 2019 Spring Collection is fully vegan

Call It Spring, the global footwear and accessories company from Saint-Laurent in Montreal, has announced that it has gone fully vegan. From now on the company is firmly established as a vegan fashion brand.  

The fashion company’s 2019 Spring Collection is completely “free of animal materials and derivatives”. They will remain so into the future.

“Always stylish, now completely vegan” says the company’s website. 

The Press Release announced that as part of Call It Spring’s brand promise to ‘create a better tomorrow, together,’ moving to a fully vegan collection is a natural next step for the brand, providing options for customers who want to both look stylish and purchase with purpose”.

The company’s collection is now “free from animal skins, feathers, furs, hairs, wool fibers, shells, silk, and any other animal-based processes and components”.

Feel Good Choices

The company decided to make it easier for customers to “make good choices that would lead to better ones”. They invite their customers to “feel good about and feel good in” their clothes “without having to question if animals were used or harmed” in the making of their products.

After conducting a thorough assessment of all the materials and formulations in their products, the Company identified what had to be replaced and created its vegan policy. It received a PETA-approved endorsement for “reaching the highest global standards of animal-friendly production”.

To ensure that customers can identify vegan products, a little ‘V’ symbol has been inscribed on the Company’s vegan shoes, the tags of its vegan handbags and the packaging of vegan accessories. 

The company has promised that it is working on future sustainability initiatives. 

Call It Spring is owned by the Aldo Group, the Canadian world leading retailer of desirable footwear and accessory brands. It has 3,000 points of sale in over 100 countries globally.

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