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British fashion giant New Look, looks to take Vegan Fashion to new heights

The Collaborative between New Look and the Vegan Society will turn heads

New Look has launched at least 500 pairs of vegan shoes and a range of bags that has received the sought after Vegan Society stamp of approval, as reported by the Vegan Society. New Look is now firmly established as a premier vegan fashion brand.

The products are strictly available online and 900 additions will have rolled out by September. Items such as shoes, purses and bags will have the Vegan Trademark on them.

With the commitment of New look towards creating a vegan clothing brand, it has turned its back on the need to use any ingredients that are derived from animals. With the newly found consciousness among millenials in particular to end animal cruelty, this move into vegan fashion is becoming increasingly necessary for brands who wish to stay at the forefront of fashion.

Vegan Mark

To follow up with this good news New Look is going to register their products as vegan. This positive initiative sets an example for the fashion community at large. More so now where there is increasing popularity towards veganism and customers are increasingly aware of the clothes they wear and what goes into it. With this growing chain and the supply and demand for alternatives to animal-derived ingredients in clothing, the chances of this being more affordable are promising.

To make this breakthrough New Look had to ensure that the registered products were put under the microscope so to speak to ensure that there are no traces of any animal components. The trademark has been added to the New Look item to make them easily recognizable.

Shopping with good ethics and not compromising on style and affordability is what a lot of people are now looking for. With the addition of the Vegan Trademark which is showing its ethical commitment, brands like New Look are driving a much-needed change in the fashion industry.

When thinking about a sustainable lifestyle in terms of what we wear, it is easy to understand why New Look has embraced the vegan alternative in design and manufacture. It is a trend whose time as come, and it is almost certain that more vegan bags, shoes and clothing will be launched by other companies eager to jump on the new wave of ethical vegan clothing.

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