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Adidas releases first album of “Vegan Sneakers” with the Beastie Boys

These Vegan sneakers are now available at specific skate stores for a limited time in North America

Adidas, the sports and footwear giant,  has recently launched its new limited-edition Vegan sneakers. Adidas has worked with the Beastie Boys who celebrated the 30th anniversary of their album Paul Boutique.

The American Hip Hop group, Beastie Boys is also paying tribute to its former group member Adam Yauch, who passed away from cancer in 2012. Adam Yauch was a big fan of Adidas footwear and the surviving group members thought this would be a great way to ensure his memory lives on.

Going back in time to a former American shoes era, Adidas decided to opt for the animal-free canvas that was off-white with grey stripes. Also, the shoe has the Beastie Boy’s logo displayed on the tongue and heel. The first of its kind Vegan sneakers cost $85.

Apart from being cruelty-free the proceeds from the collaboration with Beastie Boys, will go to two charities: Little Kids Rock which is the teaching foundation and PEACE Sisters for less-fortunate families.

Adidas X foresight with Stella McCartney

Adidas re-designed its Stan Smith shoe last year in a Vegan Version and this was undertaken by Stella McCartney.

This shoe was a pair of Vegan leather Stan Smith that she was gifted to by her husband. She states that she is so happy just knowing that no animal was harmed in the process of creating the sneaker.

McCarthy also worked together with Adidas several years ago and saw the Vegan option as a good way to reach a wider audience base and communicate the importance of using cruelty-free products.

With innovation, foresight, and a clear understanding of customer needs, Adidas is moving ahead of the curve. Having seen the importance of a greener environment, animal-free products and meeting those needs will ensure that Adidas remains a giant in the industry.

The trend for vegan fashion is clear. Expect a lot more vegan clothes and footwear to follow in the years ahead.

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