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Adidas brings a Vegan shoe from Ocean Plastic to the market

Partnership with Parley for the Oceans increases Adidas’ range of sustainable shoes

If the Oceans die, so do we. So says Adidas, and the sportswear company is quite right. So Adidas has now again partnered with Parley for the Oceans to create another vegan training shoe that is made up of at least 75% upcycled plastic trash. This trash came from the oceans and has been collected form remote beaches and coastal communities.

The Terrex Two Parley is the result and perfectly reflects the growing vegan fashion market.

“These shoes are designed to move fast and keep you comfortable on long trail runs,” states the Adidas website.

The shoe features a “light knit upper which wraps around the foot for support and comfort”. Its outsole is made of Continental rubber, which provides “extraordinary grip” even in the wet, and the “enhanced midsole cushions every step to help you run longer” according to Adidas.

Now you can run and get better performance without sacrificing the planet. 

Adidas’ first partnered with Parley in 2015. Its commitment is ongoing and it recently announced the next phase of its fight against marine pollution with an increased commitment to the Parley Ocean School Program. 

Rescuing plastic from coastal areas of the Maldives

Parley works with partner organizations in coastal areas of the Maldives to collect the plastic before sending it to Taiwan to be processed into yarn.

Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member for Global Brands Adidas Group, said last year that the partnership with Parley was set up to spin “the problem into a solution. The threat, into a thread”.

Liedtke maintains that the popularity of the plastic shoes proved that repurposing waste into new items is “possible” and furthermore it shows “that people care.”

In 2018 Adidas announced its intention to only use recycled plastics in its shoes and sportswear. The change would save about 40 tons of plastic annually. 

Recent research has concluded that there may be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish by 2048. Scientists have urged that this problem be dealt with. Adidas is one of a number of companies who are moving away from single plastic usage. 

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