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More awards ceremonies are going vegan!

The Screen Actors Guild and the Critics Choice follow the lead of the Golden Globes

2020 is officially the year of vegan awards show ceremonies.

The film world is clearly now signalling the virtues of plant-based food loud and clear. First, it was the 77th Annual Golden Globes hosted by Ricky Gervais that put on a vegan meal for its attendees. Shortly after that, the Critics Choice announced its intention to do likewise at its 25th annual ceremony. Now the Screen Actors Guild Awards is getting in on the act too.

In a Press Release the Screen Actors Guild announced that the 26th Annual Awards to be held this coming Sunday, 19th January will also be an all plant-based affair. The SAG Awards have long embraced sustainable practices. The event has received the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal for 11 consecutive years. It has also received the EMA Gold Seal and the Green Production honour and has a tradition of partnering with non-profit environmental organizations.

To celebrate this year’s SAG Awards, the American Forests organisation planted 25,000 trees across the USA in an effort to improve air and water quality and facilitate wildlife habitat.

Shining a light on sustainability

The Hollywood Reporter had earlier reported that the Critics Choice event would also be vegan. The event was held in Santa Monica on Sunday 12th January. That move was framed so as to “shine a light on sustainability and the ever-growing climate crisis our world is facing.”

“When planning this year’s awards show, we wanted to be mindful of the impact that our event has on the environment,” said Joey Berlin, CEO of the Critics Choice Association. “Baja Fresh and The Counter were able to step up in a big way to support our decision thanks to their diverse menus of tasty food options. Together we are looking forward to providing our incredible honorees, nominees, and guests with delicious, and thoughtful, food during our show.”

It now appears that Joaquin Phoenix’s fingerprints were behind the food switch at the Golden Globes. He won the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) for his portrayal of Arther Fleck in Joker. He acknowledged the role of the organisers in putting on a plant-based meal during his acceptance speech.

Phoenix’s personal commitment to veganism is having a major effect. He initiated the Golden Globes move, and now other awards ceremonies obviously think that having a plant-based meal is the best way forward.

Phoenix, a committed vegan, has inevitably been nominated for a SAG award in the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role category.

What are the chances of the Academy Awards announcing that its 92nd annual ceremony to be held on 9th February will also be vegan?

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