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Vegan Jaden Smith playing the superhero role in real life

Son of superhero ‘Hancock’ actor helps homeless people with free plant-based food

It is better to give than to receive – especially when giving free healthy vegan food to homeless people. For that is exactly what vegan celebrity Jaden Smith is now doing.

Smith, the son of the superhero in ‘Hancock’ actor Will Smith, has moved in a new direction offering complimentary wholesome meals to the down-and-out in LA. Skid Row is one district in Los Angeles where no less than 2,000 people wrestle for shelter and a bed to sleep and that is precisely where the ‘I Love You’ four-wheeled restaurant went.

With love from Jaden Smith

Just a day before his birthday Jaden launched his first vegan food truck and announced it on Instagram with a series of posts of famished people gathering to get plant-based meals, all of which were delivered in an eco-friendly paper bag. The food truck has already made huge publicity strides, exposing its generosity to at least 40,000 followers. The thought behind the vegan’s mission to help those in need was hailed by many, including Kevin Hart.

“This is so dope. I love what you are doing, man,” wrote Kevin Hart.

After all, a long list of research has confirmed a plant-based diet helps lower one’s risk of attracting many types of diseases.

Plans to grow his kindness

The ambitious man won’t stop until he makes a difference –  and demonstrating a fervour to match Elon Musk he seems set to be doing just that. Stay tuned for another happening as the ‘I Love You’ Restaurant is not the last fling from the creator of Erys, the most recent music album of the young man from LA.  Goodbye to music? Nope, not today. Will Smith’s son will keep creating music along with his newly found love for inventions.

But the just turned 21-year old rapper has other plans. Become a future inventor and help those in need.

“I’m going to spend all of my time inventing new technologies because I think I’m better at that than making music,” he told Complex“I invent new ways to make music, but I’m not a musician.” the entrepreneur said to Complex.

His unrestricted kindness will not stop any time soon. His bighearted spirit was apparent when his fossil-fuel plastic-free company JUST Water contributed to the long-standing water crisis in Flint Michigan, in a collaboration with a local church there. Pairing his passion to invent new things and the environment, the emotional rapper believes millennials have what it takes to leave a positive impact to reduce climate change.

Like father like son? Will Smith has publicly declared that his son is fearless and does not care what people think of him. Literally. Changing the world is not an easy task. But the ‘Man in Green’ already knows that only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. And that’s one step closer to changing it.

So keep on going, Jaden. Spread the love, Jaden.

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