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Ellen DeGeneres urges her 77 million instagram followers to “eat less meat”

Host of the Ellen Show recommends a lifestyle choice to reduce meat

“Hey be neat, no meat”.

When as popular a cultural icon as Ellen DeGeneres says something as simple as that to her 77 million Instagram followers, then it is bound to have an impact. This is the kind of publicity that the legacy model of meat production which would rather keep us unaware of what truly goes on in the animal farming industry simply cannot compete with.

“I was scrolling through the Gram, and I noticed that a lot of people were talking about eating less meat, which I think is a fantastic idea,” DeGeneres said at the start of her video.

Consuming less meat is great for the planet, for your health and for the animals, she said.

If you do eat meat, just try to eat less was her simple message.

Ellen went vegan in 2008 after reading Skinny Bitch and watching Earthlings. She has been a vocal advocate for the lifestyle for eight years hitting out at the needless pain and suffering endured by the 50 billion animals that are killed annually.

But recently she said on her Netflix special standup show “Relatable” that she does now from time to time eat some fish “once in a while” or eggs “from chickens I know – if they are in someone’s backyard or are happy“. Even though she had been healthier than ever before as a vegan, she changed her eating habits “for no real reason”.

Nevertheless, she continues to be involved in wildlife conservation. Last year,  the TV icon became the owner of a gorilla conservation centre to save the endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda.

Judging by her Instagram video the standup comedian, TV host and actress remains a keen campaigner.


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