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Billie Eilish tells 26.2m “animals are tortured for your pleasure”

Sends out shocking undercover footage of a dairy farm

Vegan celebrity musician Billie Eilish has urged 26.2 million of her Instagram followers to wake up to the realities of animal farming. She shared undercover footage of the dairy industry at a facility in Indiana called Fair Oaks Farm. The milk from there is supplied to a Coca Cola subsidiary called Fairlife that advertises itself as a premium line of milk with “grass to glass” traceability. 

“You are literally eating the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure. I feel sorry for you.”

“You are literally eating the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure. I feel sorry for you” said the 17-year-old singer’s Instagram story.

Urging her fans to take responsibility and cast off the mentality that says that one person cannot make a difference. “If you have half a brain, you should know “one person” adds up. Be smarter.” 

The footage shows mother cows bellowing for their lost babies who are being forcibly separated. It is the all too common footage that is more and more becoming visible to the world. The calves are being pushed, dragged, thrown and even punched. The calves are shown being beaten and stomped upon if they resist any treatment and ultimately being packed into trucks to be taken away for slaughter. 

Horrors of undercover investigation at a supplier to Coca Cola subsidiary

The horrors of the dairy farming industries are there for all to see in this undercover investigation undertaken by Animal Recovery Mission. It shows all too clearly the consequences of animals being treated like commodities out of which money is to be made. The same economic imperative underpins industrial dairy farms as well as small family-owned dairy farms. The net result is that cows with a lifespan of some twenty years live on average a mere four years. Male calves are slaughtered on the grounds that they serve no purpose. Female cows who can no longer produce milk turn into cheap hamburger meat. 

One of the advantages that the animal industry has had until recently is that of secrecy. The fact was that few people knew about what happened in animal industrial farms, and for some time the industry had power effectively to silence the animal rights campaigners. But try silencing an Instagram message going out to 26.2 million fans of a 17-year-old singer. The genie’s definitely out of the bottle. 

The video referred to by Eilish was first posted by Instagram user @carla.sweet.vegan. Her description of the Fair Oaks footage is that is from “the largest undercover dairy investigation in history.” The reader may view the content below by clicking on the pointer halfway down on the right-hand side of the Instagram image below. Be warned the content is not for the faint-hearted.

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#Repost @arminvestigations Second undercover investigation reveals widespread dairy cow abuse at Fair Oaks Farms and Coca Cola.. Warning: the way the fairlife corporation and Coca Cola treat their dairy cows and baby calves will make you sick! As part of the largest undercover dairy investigation in history, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) investigators have followed up on last week’s groundbreaking video with new evidence showing that the abuses of dairy cows and calves at Fair Oaks Farms are widespread and systematic. This is not the result of a few bad apples – this is company malpractice and a failure of the so called “rotary system”. Learn more below, and at Our investigators need your support to continue to expose the abusive and criminal activities hidden in the dairy industry. Between February and April of 2019, an ARM Investigator was hired by Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana to milk cows on a rotary system. On a nearly daily basis, the investigator witnessed employees punching, kicking, and stabbing cows, sometimes hitting their udders with the milking claws or shoving them with metal tubes and broomsticks. When cows in the milking line would not cooperate, frustrated employees would bend and break the cows’ tail bones as punishment. On a daily basis, cows with infected eyes, broken bleeding tails, infected udders and afterbirth placentas hanging out from their bodies were seen being forced on the rotary system. The investigator did not witness any of the cows at this Fair Oaks Farms Fairlife dairy receiving medical attention, but did witness multiple downer cows and many cows falling while on the rotary system from poor health, untreated injuries, inability to walk and overall weakness. It’s important to note the entire milking carousel has surveillance cameras and actions are video recorded and overseen by management. Unfortunately, management did not step in to stop the abuse suffered by the dairy cows.

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