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Rugby League star Darius Boyd has stopped being a vegan

Broncos captain could not maintain his training regime in the heat

There has been so much publicity about sports stars going vegan after watching the Game Changers documentary. The list of possible vegan converts amongst elite athletes is impressive. But not all will keep to the change, that’s for sure. Darius Boyd, captain of the Brisbane Broncos hasn’t.

Boyd has gone back to eating meat and dairy.

Boyd turned vegan last November after watching the Game Changers. He encouraged his teammates to do likewise. This met with some resistance and a good measure of mickey-taking. But the publicity was intense and the club actually had to take steps to make sure that the public was not misled into thinking that this was an official initiative by the club. It was not, and the club’s meat suppliers did not appear best pleased and there was something of a quasi-political anti-vegan backlash.

No need for an anti-vegan backlash any more!

Amidst the hullabaloo around Boyd’s new diet, the club felt the need to tell the world at that time that it had ‘high-quality meat suppliers that we value enormously as part of our program.’ It would not, therefore, be encouraging players to give up animal products. 

But now the belief that adopting a vegan diet can give rise to an athletic advantage, has given way to a harsher reality. He has given up.

According to the Daily Mail in Boyd found the training too difficult during the team’s pre-season training especially in the summer heat. After resuming his previous meat and dairy-based diet he is now said to be back as one of the club’s strongest trainers.

There is no chance now that the club will be seen as a potentially vegan club.

Cue delight amongst those who wish to denigrate vegans. A video put out on YouTube by a user named “Vegan Deterioration” claimed that in her view something in the region of 99% of people being tempted to look at veganism after watching the Game Changers, would revert back. Her contempt for all things vegan is plain to see. Oh, the gloating when a vegan repents!

Meanwhile, the Formula One World Champion and the Wimbledon’s Men’s Champion both remain vegan.

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