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Captain Darius Boyd urges Brisbane Broncos to Go Vegan

Darius Boyd has gone vegan and is encouraging the team to do the same

The latest sports team that is seriously being encouraged to go vegan is the Australian Rugby League side, the Brisbane Broncos. Its captain Darius Boyd is another sports star who has gone vegan after watching the Game Changers Documentary. 

Boyd watched the Netflix documentary in the close season and decided to adopt a vegan diet. He then persuaded various teammates to watch it too, as well as making sure that his coach Anthony Seibold watched the film during a flight to America, according to Australia’s Courier-Mail. 

The side plays in Australia’s elite National Rugby League and the Broncos are one of Rugby League’s most successful sides. 

Various teammates have agreed to drop meat and stay off the dairy, but not all by any means. 

The Broncos wing Corey Oates said there was “no chance” of him turning vegan. Oates expressed real doubt that some of the bigger forwards who love meat would even entertain the idea. 

A new trend of sports teams going vegan

We’ve been seeing the trend of individual athletes turning vegan to enhance their athletic performance. Now we are seeing a new trend: entire sports teams being encouraged to turn vegan.

Sports stars constantly look to get that competitive edge and many are coming to the conclusion that going vegan is one such way. The growing influence of the Game Changers documentary cannot be underestimated. 

The Game Changers profiled Derek Morgan of the NFL. He was on the same mission as the film’s narrator, James Wilks: how best to respond to injury and heal from it. He adopted a plant-based diet and blood tests after six months showed that “everything had improved”, and that the inflammation in this blood had practically gone. As a result, and with his wife’s excellent cooking, he persuaded 14 of his Tennessee Titans teammates to join him in going vegan. 

The Tennessee Titans may be one of the new almost-vegan sports teams, and the Brisbane Broncos have quite some way to go to catch them. Forest Green Rovers FC remain the gold standard vegan sports team. 

Australia’s female 800-metre runner, Morgan Mitchell was one of the featured athletes in the documentary. The Australian cricketer Peter Siddle is also vegan. 

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