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Vegans Be The Change is a Digital Media Publisher seeking to be an agent for change. We are telling the story as it unfolds of the social movement driving vegan issues worldwide. We aim to explore the ethical issues that arise as the planet increasingly embraces the move towards plant-based diets. We aim to provide thought-provoking content and to be controversial from time to time. Above all, we wish to contribute to more sanity in the world and to encourage the politics of compassion.


Nicholas Orosz

CEO / Founder / Chief Editor
Nicholas first became vegetarian after a six month trip to India in 1981 before he began a career as a corporate finance solicitor in the City and in Paris. He undertook his first vipassana meditation retreat in 1982 which began an awareness of the importance of compassion and non-violence in the world. A long-standing supporter of the plight of the Tibetan people, he is the co-author of Tibet: The Position in International Law.
He has a long-standing interest in the environmental movement and has stood in local elections in the UK for the Green Party. He was instrumental in the growth a healthy lifestyle brand into an award-winning, £100m company. He has recently acted as a marketing and legal consultant. He has always loved crafting words to communicate powerful messages.
His transition to a vegan perspective has been gradual and is an ongoing process of self-discovery.


Jill Harris

Jill Harris is a writer, teacher, and passionate vegan. An eclectic author, she has published four non-fiction books and five novels. Her goal is to have written in every genre within the next ten years. She began her vegan journey in 2015 and has never looked back. Her secret joy is cooking for friends and hearing them say, “I can’t believe vegan food can taste that good.”
Her books are available at www.jillharrisbooks.org. She is the author of 7 Stages of Becoming Vegan: a map of the vegan journey.
She is a graduate and former lecturer at the Open University in psychology.


Jacobus Lavooij

Writer, Senior Editor
Jacobus Lavooij is an experienced editor and writer whose interest in all things vegan was sparked by an article about the impact of the billions of animals used for human consumption on the climate of our planet. He loves vegan food and is convinced that veganism is becoming a mainstream movement and that it will change the way we all think about life, food and health. He is a passionate supporter of all efforts to inform people about the benefits of being a vegan.
He is a Dutch national and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Christopher Titmuss

Christopher Titmuss is a senior teacher, social critic, campaigner and poet and in the Buddhist tradition. A former Theravada Buddhist monk, he is the author of numerous books including The Political Buddha, Light on Enlightenment and The Spiritual Roots of Mindfulness. He writes a weekly Dharma blog on major issues. His teachings focus on insight meditation (vipassana), the expansive heart and liberation. He has lived in Totnes, Devon, England since 1982.


William Tucker

William Tucker is the Vice President at D&Y Laboratories, the manufacturer of Double Helix Water.  William is passionate about and an advocate for natural health and has worked in this industry for over a decade. Through his work he is in constant contact with natural practitioners of all kinds as well as scientists internationally. In his spare time William, together with his wife Megan, operate a small charity helping children around the world.


Richard Williams

Writer & Director of Partnerships
Passionate about food and natural health, Richard Williams is a graduate of the University of Worcester in Entrepreneurship. Richard set out to promote cruelty free products with a range of skin/hair care and perfumes recognised by PETA. In early 2019, he set out to create one of the world’s first Coworking Locations aimed at building a Vegan friendly gourmet food and create an area suited to yogis and collaborative Vegan lifestyle brands. For the Vegan and Yoga Vacation sector Richard is currently developing a 1400 m2 superlodge with kitchens for natural gourmets, yoga room, meditation pods and indoor swimming pool.
Previously Richard developed businesses in solar and other renewable energy and has helped grow an Aloe Vera brand in the UK into a £100m company. His vision is to enter the Natural Vegan Gourmet sector embracing events, global retreats and products.
With homes in the UK and Sri Lanka, Richard is often found wandering around Asia, loving steaming bowls of fragrant coconut broth soup, or a Sri Lanka JackFruit Curry speciality with eggplant and rice.


Chris Cauchi

Chris is a health, fitness and self-development enthusiast and graduate of the University of Malta in Maths and Statistics. His vegan journey began after reading Dr Michael Greger’s bestselling book How Not To Die in early 2017. Since then he has become increasingly more conscious about vegan issues. Being a passionate traveller, Chris loves to discover the best vegan restaurants in new cities and when necessary asking eateries to cater for his plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s hiking in the midst of rainforests or riding in the mountains, the Malta-born islander embraces the elegant and mysterious beauty of nature. New countries, new cultures and new cuisines – whatever it is Chris is always looking for his next delicious vegan dish. 

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